We know them as pockets of dough with savory or sweet fillings, but across the globe, dumplings come in different shapes and flavors. Let’s discover the tastiest dumpling recipes worldwide.

Ravioliitalian-g13055c88f_640The first on the list is one of Italy’s traditional dishes. Bite-sized pillows of pasta filled with cheese, meat, and vegetables, raviolis are best when they’re homemade.

Sichuan spicy wontonhttp___cdn.cnn.com_cnnnext_dam_assets_211122232824-03-30-dumplings-galleryThe highlights of this dish are its scent and rich flavor. It is typically coated in spicy chili oil, Sichuan peppercorn, and a black vinegar sauce. The spicy Sichuan wonton, or chao shou, is the perfect appetizer or main course dish.

Siomayhttp___cdn.cnn.com_cnnnext_dam_assets_190620160514-06-30-dumplings-gallery-restrictedThis Indonesian dumpling with a steamed fish filling is related to the Cantonese steamed dumplings called shumai. Street cart vendors in Bandung offer siomay with vegetables and peanut sauce.

Pierogidumplings-gcd5b72ffd_640Popular in Central and Eastern Europe, pierogi dumplings have potato, minced meat, cheese, and fruit for stuffings.

Momodumplings-g7864e440a_640Indians and Tibetans usually stuff momo with meat, vegetables, or cheese, and serve them with a tomato-based dipping sauce.

Try these mouthwatering recipes now! You may find them in your local restaurants or make them on your own.