Vacation rental company Airbnb announced in late April that all employees can choose to work remotely, but when they do return to the office it will likely look different. The home-sharing platform is set to redesign its offices, although the details have not yet been finalized. In an interview, Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky said that people have “an outdated notion” of a typical office. “The office of the future should not resemble at all the office of the past because the world is changing,” he said.

Chesky initially predicted the decline of the open office floor plan. “The open floor plan with these meeting rooms that everyone’s waiting in line to get in and no one can find a meeting room, all of that is I think a thing of the past,” he said. As part of its new workplace approach, the company plans to arrange weekly gatherings for employees every quarter “to make sure there is human connection”. Starting in September, the company will be offering its employees the choice to work from more than 170 countries for up to 90 days annually in each location. “Most companies don’t do this because of the mountain of complexities with taxes, payroll, and time zone availability, but I hope we can open-source a solution so other companies can offer this flexibility as well,” Chesky said in an email to staff.