It is commonly accepted that there is nothing better than a pizza party unless perhaps an ice cream social. Field trips are also enjoyable. With a solid extracurricular activity, you can’t go wrong.

Thanks to a major shake-up in company culture, the mandatory fun of the pre-pandemic era has been effectively eliminated for more than two years. Due to the pandemic, birthday cupcakes, team happy hours, and forced “fun” events were no longer required. Many people have, of course, taken part in a virtual team-building activity or a Zoom happy hour. Workers, on the other hand, have been exempted from the obligatory monthly birthday parties, after-hours beverages, and outings. Even as some companies summon employees back to work, the concept of “fun” at work has changed. Furthermore, many people want to get home with their families as quickly as possible after work due to a pandemic-driven realignment of priorities.

While the mandatory office party may be on its way out, a new kind of office entertainment is more important than ever. People like to attend events, which encourage team bonding and provide a reason for people who work remotely to reconnect with their coworkers. Employees attend events because they want to, not because they are forced to.