Nothing beats a pizza party, unless perhaps an ice cream social, according to popular opinion. Field trips are enjoyable as well. You can’t go wrong with good extracurricular activity.

The mandatory fun of the pre-pandemic era has been effectively removed for more than two years, thanks to a substantial shake-up in company culture. Birthday cupcakes, team happy hours, and forced “fun” gatherings were no longer required due to the pandemic. Of course, many people have participated in a virtual team-building exercise or a Zoom happy hour. Furthermore, due to a pandemic-driven realignment of priorities, many people want to return home with their families as soon as possible after work.

While the mandatory office party may be on the decline, a new type of office entertainment is more necessary than ever. Employees enjoy going to events, which promote team building and allow people who work remotely to reconnect with their coworkers. Employees attend events because they want to, not because they have to.