There’s nothing better than a pizza party, unless maybe an ice cream social, it’s universally acknowledged. Field trips are also a lot of fun. You can’t go wrong with a great extracurricular activity.

The mandatory fun of the pre-pandemic era has been effectively banished for more than two years, thanks to a major shake-up in company culture. Birthday cupcakes, team happy hours, and forced “fun” events were no longer required due to the pandemic. Of course, many people have participated in a virtual team-building exercise or a Zoom happy hour. On the other hand, workers have been spared the required monthly birthday celebrations, after-hours drinks, and outings. Even as some organizations call employees back to work, “fun” at work is no longer what it once was. Furthermore, due to a pandemic-driven realignment of priorities, many people want to be home with their families as soon as possible after work.

While the mandatory office party may be on its way out, a new type of workplace fun is more necessary than ever. People desire to attend events, which help to encourage team bonding and give individuals who choose to work remotely a cause to reconnect with their colleagues. Employees attend events because they want to, not because their arm is twisted.