You’ve probably gone to an online meeting for work while wearing only your boxers, right? People mostly agree.

The new rights of pandemic workers were set in stone. Many employees don’t plan to travel for work again after trying to find a better balance between work and life. More people than ever do their homework. In March 2020, 1.18 percent of paid remote jobs in the UK on LinkedIn got 1.28 percent of all applications. By March 2022, more than a fifth of people had applied for 13.31 percent of paid LinkedIn jobs in the UK (22.9 percent). West Europe and the US have the same kinds of problems. Recently, more people needed jobs they could do from home. In 2022, half of the applications on LinkedIn were for jobs that could be done from home.

Since the pandemic, it’s become popular to break a leg at home because it pays off quickly. What do you think? Do you like to work at the office or at home?