Most of you reading this lengthy summary have most likely attended a work-related online conference while wearing your boxers, right? Most people have followed suit.

The newfound rights of pandemic workers left an indelible mark. The decision to better balance work and life and forego work travel was a fortunate connection in a volatile time, and many employees have no plans to return. People want to work from home more than ever before. According to LinkedIn data, 1.18 percent of UK paid remote jobs on LinkedIn received 1.28 percent of all job applications in March 2020. By March 2022, 13.31 percent of paid LinkedIn jobs in the United Kingdom had received more than a fifth of all applications (22.92 percent). Western Europe and the United States face similar issues. More workers have needed home-based jobs in recent months. For the first time, remote work accounted for 50 percent of LinkedIn applications in February 2022.

Breaking a leg at home has become popular since the pandemic because of the quick but visible payoff. How about you? Do you prefer working in a traditional office or from home?