According to scientists at the UK Met Office, the nation’s main meteorological office, the possibility that the world will warm by more than 1.5C over the next five years is currently 50/50. Based on recent analyses, there is now a higher chance of crossing the global warming critical limit. Even though such a rise would only last for a short time, researchers are worried about the general trend of temperatures. There will almost certainly be a record-breaking year between 2022 and 2026. The quantity of hot gases in the atmosphere has increased quickly. Additionally, the effect has been an increase in global temperatures. 2015 was the first increase in the average global temperature by 1 degree over these levels. Governments reaffirmed their commitment to keeping “1.5C” at COP26 in Glasgow in November of last year. Scientists claim that the effects of 1C global warming have already been seen. The terrible wildfires that caused great damage to North America last year or the current heatwaves that are seriously harming India and Pakistan are some of the effects.