Imagine your future self in ten years’ time. Does the envisioned version of you feel remarkably similar to the one you are experiencing right now? Or do they strike you as odd?

The last ten years have seen an abundance of psychological research that demonstrates that people’s responses frequently vary widely and provide unexpected details about their behavioral tendencies. Some people can vividly picture their future selves as being very similar to their present selves. These individuals are more likely to manage their resources wisely and treat others with greater integrity because they are concerned about making their future lives easier. Others struggle to see themselves as extensions of who they already are, and as a result, they frequently behave in much less responsible ways. They appear to care less about the long-term consequences of their choices because they perceive their future selves as different individuals who are little like their present selves.

We should think more about our future selves because doing so has massive implications for our health, happiness, and financial security. If you have a clear idea of whom you want to be in the future, you are more likely to take care of your body so that it will be in better health in the years to come.