Robotics has become very advanced and very normal in today’s age. And it is improved by using the internet and software in general. Many tech companies have been using this ever since. And one of them is Moonfruit, the first Software as a Service (SaaS) website builder, which delivers applications over the Internet as a service. 

The said organization was bought by the company, Yell Group, and Wendy Tan White remained its chief executive officer until 2015. People need faster ways to use and repeat applications, and she thinks that her robotics work can do the job. A year ago, she was ready to show her group’s project, about which she said, “Our team has been exploring how to give industrial robots the ability to sense, learn, and automatically make changes so they can work in more settings and applications.”

However, in robotics, it’s easier said than done. With an interest in making work easier, can industrial robotics be made more user-friendly?