Chinese tech giant Baidu has introduced its newest car to join its self-driving taxi service, Apollo Go. According to Baidu, the Apollo RT6 has the driving skills of a driver with 20 years of experience. The manufacturer says that each Apollo RT6 will cost 250,000 yuan, or £31,000. The car contains a total of 38 sensors, including:
– eight light-detection and range (Lidar) sensors
– one 6mm (0.2 inch) radar
-12 ultrasound detectors
– 12 cameras

“This massive cost reduction will enable us to deploy tens of thousands of [automated vehicles] across China,” said co-founder and chief executive Robin Li during the company’s annual technology conference. For now, driverless vehicles in China must still have a safety driver inside. However, according to Baidu, the RT6’s detachable steering wheel might be replaced with extra seats, vending machines, tables, or gaming consoles in the future. The RT6 will be added to Baidu’s group in the second half of 2023 for a small-scale experiment, with the intention of having 100,000 of them on the roads by the end of the decade.