Autumn is the year’s gradual transition from summer’s peak into the chilly winter, yet it’s far from being cold. Let’s check three great fall foliage spots in Japan to witness the perfect autumn leaves:

Jozankei, Hokkaido

In Jozankei, you can take in the splendor of the golden and crimson leaves while canoeing or horseback riding. You may also see a glimpse fall foliage from the mountain’s summit if you take the ropeway. Don’t forget to make use of the hot springs in Jozankei to relieve your fatigue before heading home.

Minoo Park, Osaka

Minoo Park is renowned for its autumn leaf displays in Osaka. Another major attraction is Minoo Falls, which is surrounded by nature and has a hiking track leading to it. While there, you may try a relatively peculiar product made in Minoo Park known as maple leaf tempura. The product has a sweet batter coating that makes it ideal as a snack with a mouthwateringly addictive flavor.

Momijidani Park, Hiroshima

Momijidani Park is an excellent spot for autumn foliage and is about 10 minutes on foot from Itsukushima Shrine, a World Heritage Site. About 700 maple trees flank the park, and they reveal dazzling colors every year from mid- to late November. Momiji Bridge is surrounded by an exquisite display of autumnal hues.

Autumn officially begins in September, and Japan has long had a tradition of viewing the changing leaves. We hope you explore and indulge in Japan’s breathtaking autumnal scenery!