It is just fair. Kids can learn from animals how to become intelligent, kind, and understanding adults. On the other hand, kids can also make animals feel safe.

An eight-year-old boy is cycling across the UK over the summer break in support of his favorite animal, the hedgehog. Harry Peksa, who lives in Wokingham, will ride 1,100 miles in 34 days (1,770 km). He cycles from Cornwall’s Land’s End to Scotland’s John O’Groats with his father, Nick Peksa. Harry wants to collect £5,000 in donations for the wildlife hospital Tiggywinkles. Harry fell in love with hedgehogs after discovering a stuffed toy named Hedgy and seeing hedgehogs in his garden. He said that he loved hedgehogs. Harry said that he and his father completed a challenge for Tiggywinkles two years ago. He thought of doing it again.

According to some research, kids who are encouraged in their love of animals are more likely to also love other living things, such as plants and the environment. Children who are encouraged to care for animals are more kind and understanding to others.