Look up #ねこねこチーズケーキ (Neko Neko Cheesecake) on Instagram, and you’ll be surprised at how these cheesecakes in the form of cats are taking Japan by storm. Everyone in the country appears to want to try these gorgeous treats, with good reason, of course!

But the tiny cat cheesecakes aren’t only adorable; they’re also unbelievably delectable! The cheesecake experience from All Hearts Co., Ltd. lets you savor all the cheese flavors coupled with the invigorating benefits of milk. They’re the ideal size for when you want a modest dessert that won’t tempt you to eat a whole bucket of ice cream or when you want a bit of a substantial snack. You would be mistaken, though, if you assumed that the cuteness ended with the cheesecake. On any visit to FamilyMart, the packaging would probably attract your attention even if you had no idea what these were. You see a lovely cat, sitting on a bright turquoise-blue surface, asking you to offer it a slice of your mouthwatering cheesecake. But the charming name on the packaging might be its finest feature: “にゃんともおいしいチーズケーキ” (nyan tomo oishii cheesecake). This is a clever play on the Japanese words “nan tomo oishii,” which translates to “extremely delicious,” and “nyan”, which means “meow”. It tells you exactly what to anticipate inside!

They went on sale on May 17, 2022, and for such a luxurious-looking and charming delicacy, the cost is surprisingly reasonable at just 220 yen per serving. So what’re you waiting for? Time to gather your loose 100 yen coins and travel to the nearest FamilyMart for a purrfect treat!