After a long day at work, you decide to start watching that new show everyone has been interested in by sitting in front of the TV. After finishing half of a season by midnight, you will stay up and watch one more episode, even if you feel the effects of it the following morning at work.

According to clinical psychologist Dr. Renee Carr, Psy.D., it’s because of the brain chemicals that are released when we are having fun, such as when we binge-watch television. The body receives an enjoyable internal reward from this chemical, which encourages it to continue performing that action. Your brain produces dopamine while you binge-watch your preferred show, giving your body a high similar to that of a drug.

All experiences, whether they happen in the real world, on television, in a book, or in our imagination, are stored as real memories in our brains. We become interested in the plots, develop relationships with the characters, and are invested in how things turn out.