Serena Williams, a 23-time Grand Slam champion, has announced the end of a career that went beyond sports. She has stated that she is willing to retire from tennis in order to focus on having another child and expanding her business. In an essay and a message on her Instagram, Williams expressed uncertainty regarding the date of her final match, but she hinted that it would take place at the US Open.

Williams, who will turn 41 in a month, must prioritize being a mother, pursuing her spiritual aspirations, and finding a new, fascinating Serena. She posted on her social media that for the upcoming few weeks, she will enjoy her career. Williams is among the sport’s greatest and most successful athletes ever. She prefers to conceive of this era of her life as transitioning away from tennis and toward other important things to her instead of using the word “retirement. Williams stated that she and Ohanian wanted a second child but that she didn’t want to become pregnant again while competing in sports. At all times, she had to be two feet within or outside the court. She expressed her regret that it isn’t easy for her. She is troubled because she didn’t want it to end, but also because she is prepared for what comes next.