Classes will begin on August 22 and end on July 7, 2023, according to DepEd Order No. 034 series of 2022, which Vice President and Secretary Sara Z. Duterte signed on July 11. Some students have never been able to sit next to a friend, wear a school uniform, or raise their hands to ask a teacher a question. Only a phone or laptop screen has ever allowed them to connect to their school. 27 million students all around the country were made to take their classes online for two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students must learn new rules now that they are in class. Many of the students were writing the class schedule in their notebooks while paying attention to their teacher. This is the situation in more than half of all Philippine schools. In the local media organizations, there were lovely pictures of happy little children running through the gates in brand-new uniforms. On August 22, around 46% of students began five days of in-person instruction.