Many people think of Santa Claus as the Father of Christmas. But there is a new belief that Santa is a ghost.

Where St. Nicholas of Myra’s (the inspiration for the modern-day Santa Claus) was buried has been a topic of discussion for many years. Historical records and people’s beliefs say different stories about Santa’s tomb. But Director Cemil Karabayram of Antalya’s Monument Authority and his team found what they believed to be the tomb where St. Nicholas rests. Karabayram is determined to continue to the next stage even though the discovery has not yet been confirmed. It will also be a long, difficult task to complete. Despite the mosaics on the floor, he said, “We believe this shrine has not been destroyed at all. To restore the floor to its previous splendor, each tile must be taken out one at a time.”

Santa’s legends have received a lot of attention. Yet little is actually known about how he died. Still, if the new discovery of his true burial is true, the history books will surely need to be changed.