Many, young and old, see Santa Claus as the traditional patron of Christmas who brings gifts to good children. But there has been a new Christmas theory: Santa is a ghost.

The site of St. Nicholas of Myra’s burial, who served as the model for the modern-day Santa Claus, has been debated for years. His supposed burial place has been mentioned in historical accounts, but thorough examinations of the church’s grounds turned up nothing noteworthy. Meanwhile, a lot of people thought that during the Middle Ages, Italian merchants had smuggled his remains out of the chapel. Nevertheless, Cemil Karabayram, the director of Antalya’s Monument Authority, revealed to a local media that he and his team had found a shrine beneath the foundation of St. Nicholas Church. They discovered what they thought to be a tomb that might contain the actual St. Nicholas’ remains. Karabayram is adamant about going with the next phase despite the fact that the discovery has not yet been verified by excavation and even though it will be a protracted, difficult, and challenging procedure to complete. Despite the fact that there are mosaics on the floor, he added, “We believe this shrine has not been destroyed at all. To restore the floor to its previous splendor, each tile must be taken out one at a time.”

Even while his life and tales have received a lot of attention, little is actually known about how he passed away. And if we receive a complete response regarding his final resting place, it remains to be seen. But if the new finding of his actual grave is verified, then the history books will surely need to be amended.