The world’s largest cruise line, Royal Caribbean, has announced a partnership with SpaceX, the rocket business founded by Elon Musk, in order to provide speedier internet while at sea. On cruise ships, internet access is often fee-based, but historically, connection quality has been subpar. According to Jason Liberty, CEO of Royal Caribbean, the alliance will make it possible for more high-bandwidth activities like video streaming. Starlink utilizes an extensive system of Earth-orbiting satellites. The installation of Starlink on Royal Caribbean ships will begin immediately and be finished by March 2023, as stated by Mr. Liberty. The collaboration is Starlink’s largest public high-speed Internet deployment in the travel sector to date. The innovation will give our ships game-changing internet access, increasing the cruise experience for both passengers and staff.

People who reside in rural areas can access high-speed internet through Starlink, which is operated by SpaceX. It is reliant on thousands of its satellites that are positioned in low-Earth orbit. This maximizes the speed of connections between the satellites and the Earth. After Russian forces invaded, shut down Ukrainian Internet access, and attempted to censor social media earlier this year, Mr. Musk made Starlink available there. Ukrainian soldiers have also communicated on the battlefield using the network. The pandemic, which destroyed the worldwide tourism economy, has severely impacted the cruise industry. However, when COVID-19 limitations were relaxed this year, businesses like Royal Caribbean, which manages the second-largest fleet of cruise ships in the world, witnessed an improvement in earnings.