In order to offer faster internet while at sea, Royal Caribbean, the biggest cruise line in the world, has announced a cooperation with SpaceX, the rocket company Elon Musk established. Although Internet connectivity on cruise ships is frequently paid for, historically the connection quality has been poor. Royal Caribbean’s CEO, Jason Liberty, claims that the alliance will enable additional high-bandwidth activities like video streaming. A vast network of Earth-orbiting satellites is used by Starlink. According to Mr. Liberty, the installation of Starlink on Royal Caribbean ships would start right away and be concluded by March 2023. The partnership is the largest public high-speed Internet rollout by Starlink in the travel industry to date.

Starlink, a service run by SpaceX, provides high-speed Internet to people who live in rural areas. It is dependent on a large number of its low-Earth-orbiting satellites. By doing this, links between the satellites and the Earth are made as quickly as possible. The pandemic, which destroyed the global tourism sector, has had a significant negative influence on the cruise business. However, this year’s relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions led to an increase in profits for companies like Royal Caribbean, which operates the second-largest fleet of cruise ships globally.