Workers are changing industries more frequently as they look for careers with more meaning. This important movement teaches us a lot about how individuals approach their profession.

The 33-year-old Marcin knew that his profession needed a major makeover. The New Jersey-based auditor was bored of being a deskbound employee whose only face-to-face communication was via email and whose primary daily duty was to promote a company’s bottom line. He said that while looking through big amounts of data and performing the same boring tasks repeatedly every day, he was only trying to find human errors so that clients might get their money back. He believed that the job was useless. Marcin made the decision to study nursing rather than auditing. He studied at a community college for three years and spent a year in nursing school. He was happy despite how demanding, difficult, and unpleasant it was.

The Great Resignation has caused millions of people to move into new positions. Some people look for greater financial security or greater freedom, while others switch professions in order to advance their careers.