According to a study by Oxford University, moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy by the year 2050 might result in global savings of up to $12 trillion ($10.2 trillion). The investigation found that the claim that switching to cleaner energy sources fast would be expensive was incorrect and pessimistic. As worries about the energy supply have grown, gas prices have increased. The studies claim, however, that the dropping cost of renewable energy means that turning green is currently financially helpful. The report’s findings are based on a prediction of future fuel prices made using historical data on the cost of fossil and renewable fuels. Prices for fossil fuels over a period of more than 100 years from 2020 haven’t changed significantly after taking inflation and price fluctuations into account. There is less readily available information because renewable energy has a recent history. However, the price of solar and wind energy has been falling quickly, by about 10% a year, as technology has advanced. Data shows that there will be a further decrease in the price of renewable energy.