Northeast of Oklahoma City, on the former Route 66, is a four-mile rural road known as The Devil’s Promenade. A ghostly puzzle that has confused ghost hunters for more than a century is located here.

The strange basketball-sized glowing orb known as the Hornet Spook Light has been spotted in this region since 1881. It was named after the old town of Hornet. It moves in circles and bounces up and down like a ghost dancer holding a lantern. The townspeople agree that the Hornet Spook Light exists. But they have different opinions on what created it. Some said it was the ghost of a murdered Osage chief, while others said it was “the spirit of a Quapaw maiden who drowned herself in the river when her warrior was killed in battle.” Still, some suggest the lights are created by the gas released by rotting plants in swamps.

Up to this moment, the strange ball has remained what it has always been: a mystery. What could it possibly be?