The Devil’s Promenade is a four-mile rural road on the former Route 66 northeast of Oklahoma City. This is the location of a supernatural mystery that has puzzled ghost investigators for more than a century.

Named after the former town of Hornet, the bizarre basketball-sized glowing orb known as the Hornet Spook Light has been seen in this area since 1881. Nobody understands the significance, source, or composition of this mysterious, flaming ball of light. It is usually observed from inside the Oklahoma border looking west, and is described by the Army Corps of Engineers as a “mysterious light of unknown origin.” It spins and bobbles up and down like a lantern held by a ghostly dancer. The Hornet Spook Light is real, the locals agree, but they can’t have the same opinion on what caused it. While some believed it to be the ghost of an assassinated Osage chief, others claimed it was “the spirit of a Quapaw maiden who drowned herself in the river when her warrior was killed in battle.” Others think the lights are caused by the gas of decaying plants in swamps.

The mysterious ball has continued to be what it has always been up until this point: a mystery. What might it actually be?