Have you ever thought about stopping using social media? A British expat named Gayle Macdonald says she later realized there is “more to life” than social media posting. She lives near Grenada, Spain.

Gayle Macdonald didn’t simply pause and take it all in when she reached the summit of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Spain earlier this year. The 45-year-old chose to do what most people would do instead: she searched for the ideal location to take a selfie for her social media accounts. Gayle even admits that she stumbled by approaching the edge dangerously while doing so. After she was scolded by her husband for her actions at that time, she made the decision to stop using social media. She announced her deactivation from Facebook and Instagram in a message she wrote a week later. She has regained part of the sense of freedom and peace she experienced upon quitting drinking. It was quite liberating.

Some people use social media regularly. While some people would think they should avoid this terrible behavioral activity, others must fight an actual addiction.