Has it ever crossed your mind to stop using social media? Gayle Macdonald, a British ex-pat who resides close to Grenada, Spain, claims she has just concluded that there is “more to life” than posting on social media.

Gayle Macdonald didn’t just pause and enjoy the view when she arrived earlier this year at a summit in Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountain range. The 45-year-old chose to do what most people would do instead: she looked for the ideal location to take a selfie for her social media accounts. Gayle even acknowledges that while doing so, she went dangerously near the edge. She was scolded by her spouse for her behavior at that point, and she later decided to stop using social media. Previously, when she got out of the car, her first thought was to take a picture. She was using too much brain space worrying about what to say and creating content, which was troubling her. A week later, she announced her withdrawal from Facebook and Instagram in a post. She claimed that after the initial withdrawal, she no longer experienced cravings. It felt quite liberating. She has been off social media for more than six months at this point, and she has recovered some of the sense of freedom and calmness she felt when giving up drinking.

Many of us spend a tremendous amount of time on social media. While some might think that this is a bad habit that they should cut down on, for others, it’s an actual addiction that they have to overcome.