Have you ever considered giving up using social media? Gayle Macdonald, a British expat living close to Grenada, Spain, claims that she has recently come to the realization that there is “more to life” than posting on social media.

When Gayle Macdonald arrived earlier this year at a summit in Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountain range, she didn’t just stop and take it all in. Instead, the 45-year-old did what the majority of people would do: she looked for the perfect spot to take a selfie for her social media accounts. Gayle even acknowledges that while doing so, she went dangerously near the edge. She was scolded by her spouse for her behavior at that point, and she later decided to stop using social media. It bothered her that she was occupying too much mental space worrying about what to say and coming up with content. A week later, she posted a message announcing her deactivation from Facebook and Instagram. After the initial withdrawal, she allegedly stopped having cravings. It was surprisingly liberating, and she has recovered some of the sense of freedom and calmness she felt when giving up drinking.

Some people spend a lot of time on social media. Some people may believe that they should cut back on this terrible behavior, but for others, it is a true addiction that they must overcome.