Some Indian computer specialists have been able to work two jobs or start side businesses thanks to remote employment, but some businesses are not happy about it.

Diya, a 32-year-old software developer from Bangalore, logs in remotely each day to work an eight-hour shift. She puts a lot of effort into her work, but to maintain her professionalism, she logs on to her second job, which is also in IT, at the end of the day. Skilled animator Diya is currently working on a project that pays nearly as much and requires less time than her regular job. Diya has a full-time job and also markets her services to other companies. She sees no reason why she shouldn’t also have a side business, as long as she does it honestly.

If both parties agree, it could be reasonable in some situations for a worker to take on a second job. The employer shouldn’t object to a worker having a side business if they are producing excellent work and there are no conflicts of interest or privacy concerns.