Several restaurants have started listing the carbon emissions on their menus. This might encourage people to choose foods that are good for the environment.

Thomasina Miers explains that calorie counting is not the most accurate way to check how nutritious or environmentally friendly food is. Miers founded a chain of Mexican restaurants after winning a UK television cooking talent competition. She claimed that the restaurant has introduced carbon labeling to give customers full information about their choices. People learn from this that they have the ability to control what they eat. A “low-carbon” food has a CO2e (or “CO2 equivalent”) level of 0.6 kg or less. A “medium-carbon” food has a carbon footprint of between 0.6 kg and 1.6 kg of CO2e. Meanwhile, a higher carbon footprint of 3.04 kg CO2e is referred to as “high-carbon.”

Despite the fact that carbon labels only give us a limited amount of information, Miers believes they are a useful tool for motivating customers to consider how their food choices influence the environment.