Most people take having access to the internet for granted and don’t even consider it until they lose it.

The connected world goes crazy when a messenger service is offline for an hour. You lose your sense of direction, your money, and your ability to call for transportation home when you leave your phone in a cab. All of a sudden, you know what it’s like to be disconnected. Being digitally connected to the world around us offers access to all knowledge and educational opportunities, as well as a world of options for individuals of all ages. It also enables us to keep in touch with people even when we are separated by great distances.

For more than three decades, Huawei has been connecting the disconnected, even in the most challenging situations, including islands, oceans, deserts, and tropical jungles. Communities can become stronger, and businesses may prosper wherever they are on the earth when economic and social values are built together. As a result, about 120 million people in rural areas across more than 80 countries will now have connectivity thanks to Huawei’s ICT solutions, including RuralStar.