Bid 2022 farewell with a Japanese charm from a temple or shrine, and ring in the new year with good health, prosperity, and other blessings.

Prepping for exams or wishing for better grades? Grab a charm with the kanji 学業成就 (gakugyou jouju, academic achievement) if you can. This will help you reach your learning objective or ace the test.

Traffic safety
These charms embroidered with 交通安全 (koutsu anzen, traffic safety) come in a variety of sizes, hues, and designs, and occasionally even have suction cups. Not a licensed driver? No problem; special bicycle charms are available at some temples.

Everyone deserves to be loved, but some require a little bit of help. 縁結 (enmusubi, marriage) is frequently considered to facilitate matchmaking. Yet these charms may also lead you to good friends or nice company. They will help you connect and socialize with others!

To increase your financial luck, look for talismans with the characters 商売繁盛 (shoubai hanjou, prosperous business) in dazzling gold or yellow. Keep this charm near (or even better, within) your wallet, and maybe it will soon be overflowing!

Protection against evil
The first omamori are those that provide protection against misfortune or evil. You’ll want this one, so bear in mind the kanji 厄除 (yakuyoke, warding off evil). Even if you’ve recently had bad luck or are just unsure which amulet to purchase, this one is always helpful.

Whether you reside in Japan or are simply visiting, you should stop by at least one shrine or temple and make sure to carry an omamori home for yourself or a loved one. A stroke of good luck will help you this coming year!