It’s that time of year once more when it seems like every advertisement, social media post, and well-meaning relative wants to remind you that it’s time for a rebrand, refresh, or reset. How can we make New Year’s resolutions attainable?

Make value-driven resolutions
When a resolution is in line with your priorities, keeping it is much simpler. Ask yourself these questions: What matters the most to you in life? In what ways might your efforts to better yourself further those ideals?

Be specific with your goals
Resolutions have the drawback of being very abstract. So be more concrete with your goals. For example, if you intend to volunteer more, consider the date, time, location, duration, and mode of transportation.

Break down your resolution into smaller goals
Most people can’t sustain a big life shift right away, and major milestones might seem overwhelming and challenging. Therefore, breaking down your resolutions into manageable tasks will help you keep them.

Reward yourself
Making unpleasant feelings or experiences more rewarding encourages persistence. Treat yourself to a latte when you’re going to pick up a book if you’re making a resolution to read more. Or reward yourself with sushi after a yoga session.

Be prepared
Everyone makes mistakes, but those who view them as chances for improvement rather than failure are better prepared to advance. Accept the days off, the treats, and the temptations, but remember that consistency, not perfection, is the key to achieving your goals.

Be clear about your goals, create a roadmap with smaller checkpoints along the way, and don’t let failures stop you from moving forward!