Even though it could be difficult, it might be beneficial to keep up a friendly relationship with a professional opponent.

The women’s semifinal match between Ons Jabeur and Tatjana Maria at the 2022 Wimbledon tennis championships was one of the tournament’s most heartfelt moments. Jabeur is even known as “Auntie Ons” to Maria’s children and has talked about her love for her rival. Ons Jabeur claims that Tatjana’s family is wonderful and that she adores them a great deal. Maria says that both of them were aware that they would give their all on stage and remain friendly afterward. Building and maintaining a good friendship with a competitor in your field could be difficult.

Furthermore, your personality and the nature of your relationship with your rival will determine whether the rivalry inspires you to perform to the best of your potential or limits your achievement by making you feel self-conscious. The psychological study can assist us in understanding how rivalry affects our interpersonal interactions and our performance. These studies can also provide us with some direction that might help us build stronger ties with the rest of our rivals.