According to Becca Warner, an environmental writer who lives in London, UK, climate change should be shown in movies in a more thorough and realistic way rather than just through the perspective of blockbuster climate disaster movies.

As a heat wave spreads through the city, doctors in a fictional hospital in Seattle are drenched in sweat. The building’s overworked air conditioning system shuts off with a whoosh and a clank. Since doing procedures in extreme heat can be fatal in just a few minutes, surgery must be completed as soon as possible. According to Dr. Richard Webber, the air conditioning system wasn’t meant to be pushed this hard. In response, Dr. Addison Montgomery says that the earth was not meant to be pushed this hard. Social scientists and humanitarian organizations say that a variety of on-screen storylines, not only the occasional thriller about a climate disaster, should address global change.

But can witnessing how people in films and television shows are impacted by the effects of climate change possibly change how we view the problem as it arises, helping us to deal with it better or even changing our behavior?