It’s vital to consider both the obstacles themselves and the reasons behind them when we focus on new goals at the beginning of a new year. According to self-determination theory, the motivations underlying our goals can have a significant impact on both our performance and happiness.

According to self-determination theory, there are various motivational factors, and each has its own effects. Writing a novel, for instance, because you like creating a fictional universe is very different from writing a novel to establish your ability to be published or achieve recognition. While the latter could result in feelings of inadequacy or dissatisfaction if the goal is not achieved, the first motivation will probably result in greater engagement and satisfaction in the process. The notion contends that learning and growth are inherently desirable human traits. This is important for motivation. We’re more likely to feel fulfillment in the pursuit of our goals if they are in line with our intrinsic desire to learn and improve.

Having motivation and drive is essential if we want to accomplish our goals. However, it’s crucial to consider the reasons for our goals as we set new ones for the upcoming year. We have a better chance of finding fulfillment and success in our endeavors if we make goals that are consistent with our intrinsic desire to learn and advance.