When we concentrate on new goals at the beginning of a new year, it’s critical to keep in mind both the challenges and the reasons. According to self-determination theory, our goals’ underlying reasons can have a big impact on both how well we do and how happy we are.

The self-determination theory says that there are numerous motivational elements, each of which has unique outcomes. Writing a novel, for example, because you enjoy conjuring up imaginary worlds is far different from doing so in order to prove your literary prowess or get fame. The first reason will usually lead to increased engagement and happiness in the process, whereas the latter could result in feelings of inadequacy or disappointment if the goal is not accomplished.

In order to reach our goals, we must be motivated and driven. As we make new goals for the following year, it’s vital to take these considerations into account. If we choose goals that are in line with our innate desire to grow and learn, we have a better chance of finding fulfillment and success in our pursuits.