The Basque town of Mutriku, located on the northern coast of Spain, has a rich history deeply entwined with the sea. For generations, the sea has served as a means of subsistence for the town’s residents, from fishermen and traders to shipbuilders and whalers. However, the community is now using the sea’s power in a new and innovative way.

In 2010, Mutriku became the first town in the world to have a wave energy power station connected to the grid. The station’s 300-kilowatt capacity, enough to power around 300 households, utilizes a system of submerged hydraulic pistons that convert wave motion into electricity. This wave energy power station serves as a symbol of Mutriku’s transformation from a traditional fishing village to a town at the forefront of sustainable energy. It also provides clean electricity to the community.

In addition to the wave energy power station, the town of Mutriku has implemented several eco-friendly programs, such as using electric vehicles for municipal transportation and installing solar panels on public structures. These initiatives demonstrate the town’s commitment to preserving the environment while still maintaining a connection to its maritime heritage. The sea will always hold a special place in the hearts of the Mutriku people, but it now also holds the key to their future in terms of energy.