The Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius once said, “Stay calm and serene regardless of what life throws at you.” But it seems easier said than done.

Living a meaningful life requires keeping calm. Author John Sellars says that we need to be in a calm state of mind to think before acting, rather than reacting emotionally. People have different ways to achieve this. For example, some find the sound of a rainforest relaxing. However, one soundtrack doesn’t work for everyone. The sounds that each of us finds relaxing are personal. Visual arts can also help us relieve stress. Lastly, the Japanese poem haiku is famous for calming the reader. Haiku’s word limit forces the reader to concentrate on a particular image or moment. This and the use of natural images have a calming effect on people.

The path to peace requires a mindful challenge. Every person finds their sense of peace and flow in their own particular way.