Yahya Jan, president and design director of the architecture and engineering firm NORR, is one of the primary architects responsible for some of Dubai’s most recognizable buildings. Dubai is famed for its breathtaking skyline. The Atlantis and Shangri-La Hotels are two of the projects Jan has worked on. The Ciel Tower, which will be finished in 2023 and become the world’s highest hotel, is one of Jan’s most ambitious designs to date.

The gigantic 1,200-foot (365-meter) Ciel Tower will be home to more than 1,000 rooms and suites spread across 82 levels. Designing a skyscraper for the project on a triangular plot of land in Dubai Marina with a surface area of only 2,500 square meters presented a challenge for Jan and his team. Jan claimed that the property was severely constrained, yet they still had to find a way to make it work.

In addition to successfully creating a massive skyscraper on a tiny piece of land, Jan and his colleagues also incorporated sustainable components into the plan. Compared to similar structures, the Ciel Tower will consume 25% less energy for air conditioning. Jan is clear that this project is more than just an architectural endeavor. The topic is the fusion of engineering and architecture.