Jan and his team accomplished an incredible feat by building a huge skyscraper on a small plot of land in Dubai Marina. The Ciel Tower stands tall at 1,200 feet and houses over 1,000 rooms and suites across 82 levels. The building not only boasts an impressive design but also includes sustainable components, making it energy-efficient. The tower will consume 25% less energy for air conditioning compared to similar structures, making it a greener option for visitors.

Jan faced a challenge when designing the skyscraper on a triangular plot of land with a limited surface area of only 2,500 square meters. However, he and his colleagues were able to find a solution to make it work. The result is a stunning structure that visitors can admire from a glass observation deck or rooftop pool while knowing it is eco-friendly.

Jan emphasizes that this project is not just about architecture but also about the combination of engineering and architecture. He and his team aimed to create not just a visually impressive building but also one that is sustainable and responsible. The Ciel Tower is proof of their efforts, offering breathtaking views and an environmentally conscious design.