The lead trade group, the Scottish Retail Consortium (SRC), fears that the deposit return program in the country will not be ready to start on August 16. The program aims to increase recycling and includes a 20-pence deposit on single-use beverage bottles and cans. The members of the SRC have until March 1 to register, but the association says that they have not yet received the operating plan. The SRC’s deputy chairman, Ewan MacDonald-Russell, warns the governments to provide their members with clarity by the end of the month.

Every producer based in Scotland will be required to add 20 pence to each product they make before it is sold anywhere in the country. The store will pay for it and then charge the customer. To receive their money back, customers must bring their empty bottles or cans to a designated return point, like a vending machine in a grocery store. The program covers all kinds of beverages and containers with a volume of more than 50 milliliters and up to three liters.