In today’s fast-paced world, technology is everywhere and taking over. Millennials and Gen Z have found a new way to escape the digital world and connect with nature: indoor gardening. The cactus, with its spiky appearance, has become the most popular houseplant and has taken over social media, with 23 million posts dedicated to it.

Alice Vincent, a British author, believes that indoor gardening is a relaxing activity that helps people connect with nature. Caring for a living thing requires love, attention, and commitment, which is a change from the instant enjoyment that technology provides. Indoor gardening is a way to focus on something that requires patience and effort and offers a chance to escape from the digital world.

In conclusion, indoor gardening is popular among young people because they want to feel closer to nature and take better care of themselves. Even for beginners, it brings them joy and peace. It is an easy and fulfilling way to bring a piece of nature into your home and improve your well-being. By gardening indoors, we can find happiness in a world filled with technology.