It’s natural to imagine motivation as limited. Still, there are useful ways to boost it.

When people resist eating cookies that are placed on a table, their motivational reserves run out. After that, they have less willpower when solving a mathematical problem. This is an example of “ego depletion.” But psychologist Veronika Job questioned the idea in a study she published in 2010. It is said that your willpower is “limited” when situations gather and make it difficult for you to resist them. On the other hand, you are said to have a “non-limited” view of willpower if you have just overcome a new temptation, feel powerful, and are able to resist future temptations. Job discovered that people with limited thought typically behaved in ways that the ego depletion theory predicted. Yet, there were no symptoms of ego depletion in individuals who had a non-limited view of willpower.

What should we do if we quickly run out of self-control? Do not anticipate miracles happening right away. Perseverance is the key to mindset change.