If you’re curious about the origins of modern education, you need to look no further than Nalanda. Located in northeastern India, this ancient Buddhist monastery was once the world’s first residential university. For centuries, scholars from across the globe came to study a wide range of subjects, from mathematics and astronomy to philosophy and religion.

Nalanda’s library was the largest in the ancient world, containing millions of manuscripts. Sadly, the university was destroyed by invading armies in the 12th century, but its legacy lives on. Buddhism spread from Nalanda, and its influence on education can be seen worldwide. Today, Nalanda is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and serves as a symbol of education’s power to unite people from diverse backgrounds.

The lessons of Nalanda are just as important today as they were centuries ago. As our world faces new challenges, we must remember the value of education in bringing people together. Nalanda’s history is a testament to academic excellence and serves as an inspiration to all of us to continue striving for excellence in education and to appreciate the power of knowledge to create unity.