The deep sea is an area of the ocean that is very deep and dark, which has made people think that it doesn’t have much life. But new research has shown that there are actually a lot of different types of plants and animals living there. These creatures rely on each other in delicate ways, so even small disturbances can cause big problems.

This new understanding has prompted concerns within the scientific community about the impact of deep-sea mining on these fragile environments. Fortunately, the High Seas Treaty has been established to provide a framework for sustainable deep-sea mining. This landmark agreement ensures that the resources of the deep sea are extracted without causing lasting damage to the environment, thus preserving them for future generations.

The High Seas Treaty is an agreement that reminds us to balance using resources with taking care of the environment. It’s important because it protects delicate ecosystems in the deep sea and affects the future of deep-sea mining. With this treaty, we can explore the deep sea using technology while also making sure we don’t harm the environment that supports it.