According to energy analysts, the world is transitioning from using fossil fuels to using planet-friendly sources to produce electricity. Energy production using fossil fuels is the biggest source of carbon emissions that cause global warming. Ember’s Global Electricity Review, 4th Edition, describes a noticeable decrease in the role of fossil fuels in making electricity. This is the result of the rapid growth and development of renewable energy sources, like the 24% increase in solar energy use globally. Clean energy sources such as solar, wind, nuclear, and hydropower supplied 39% of all the electricity produced in 2022, which meant less carbon emissions and cleaner electricity.

Despite this, the electricity produced from renewable sources was not enough, which resulted in the use of fossil fuels and higher carbon emissions. Additional solar and wind-generated power in 2023 will hopefully help counter this rise. This year, the decline of coal emissions from making electricity may be low, but analysts expect it to increase in the years to come. This is based on the decreasing use of gas, as seen in Brazil, and the increasing solar and wind generation in China.