Energy analysts claim that the world is at a turning point where abandoning the use of fossil fuels and gearing towards the use of renewables to produce electricity is set in motion. Energy production using fossil fuels is seen as the biggest cause of global warming. Following the report of Ember’s Global Electricity Review, 4th Edition, the significant dwindling of the role of fossil fuels in producing energy can be attributed to the rapid growth and development of renewable energy sources like the 24% increase in solar globally. Clean energy sources such as solar, wind, nuclear, and hydropower supplied 39% of all the electricity produced in the year 2022, which means less carbon emissions from the electricity production, making the power produced last year relatively the cleanest ever.

However, the demand for electricity exceeded the amount that these renewable sources could supply, prompting the need to use fossil fuels as well, hence higher carbon emissions. The anticipated rise in the use of solar and wind power in 2023 is expected to curb the trend in favor of renewables. While the lessening of coal emissions from power production this year is expected to be low, energy analysts see a consistent pace in its growth, especially with the global decrease in the use of gas in vehicles spearheaded by Brazil, which managed to cut its consumption by almost half. Additionally, China’s rapid growth in wind and solar generation could be the impetus needed for renewables to finally topple fossil fuel use.