A new technology company called Stellapps, based in Bangalore, wants to change the wearable device market by introducing their new device called “mooON.” This device is like a Fitbit for cows. Stellapps helps farmers by gathering information about cows’ activity levels from farmers and veterinarians using a smartphone app. They send reminders to farmers to make sure they follow regular procedures for taking care of the cows. This helps the cows produce more milk. Three million dairy farmers in India use Stellapps’ technology. These farmers live in 36,000 villages and produce over 13.5 million liters of milk every day.

In October 2021, Stellapps got $18 million in funding. They use technology to improve different parts of India’s dairy industry. They check the nutrition of milk, set fair prices, make sure nobody is adding water or stealing milk, and keep track of where the milk comes from. India is the biggest milk producer in the world, but many farmers are small-scale and don’t have modern equipment. Stellapps makes money by working with groups and companies that help farmers instead of charging them directly.