The market for wearable devices such as smartwatches and smart patches has experienced significant growth, with consumers projected to spend nearly $100 billion. Stellapps, a tech startup based in Bangalore, aims to expand the wearables market into farming. The company has developed a device called “mooON,” which functions like a Fitbit for cattle. By combining the information about their activity levels with data entered by farmers and vets into a smartphone app, Stellapps can provide reminders for routine protocols and help farmers manage their animals more effectively, leading to increased milk yields. Three million dairy farmers in India are currently using Stellapps’ technology, covering 36,000 villages and accounting for over 13.5 million liters of milk daily. The company raised $18 million in funding in October 2021. Stellapps uses technology to improve various aspects of India’s dairy industry, including measuring the nutritional content of milk, standardizing pricing, monitoring milk volume to prevent dilution or theft, and ensuring traceability from farm to processing plant.

India is the world’s largest milk producer, but its dairy industry remains fragmented and largely unindustrialized, with smallholders owning only a few cows. Productivity is often low on these small farms compared to larger operations in countries like the United States. Stellapps is not the only Indian startup working on modernizing the industry through smart technology. Prompt, Farmtree by Inhof Technologies, and Herdman by Vetware are other examples of companies leveraging data to transform the industry. Stellapps monetizes its product through cooperatives and service providers rather than charging farmers directly. The company is also developing a portal to map the origin and journey of milk, catering to quality-conscious consumers.